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Adam Hamer Cameraman

Hello and Welcome

Working with production companies and alongside independent producers over the past 25 years has afforded me a variety of experiences in the field of production. These opportunities to work collaboratively with talented people and the use of technical innovations push me to be a more creative individual.  My years of field experience have required me to stay knowledgeable, in turn making me an extremely versatile cameraman.  Whether it is filming on large production sets or working more closely with independent producers, I have the experience and skills to deliver.  

Recognizing the significance and added value of providing aerials to my clients, I am a licensed and fully insured remote pilot, equipped to handle commercial flights for your production requirements. I invite you to explore further details on my capabilities by visiting my website at AdzAerials.com







My Story

As both a Director of Photography and a Still photographer I have earned the trust and admiration of clients and crew alike through my dedicated and thorough approach. My journey began in the United Kingdom, where I honed my skills at a regional newspaper, capturing the essence of daily life from world sports to captivating human interest stories. Since then, my career in broadcast production has flourished, with credits as a Director of Photography on diverse projects ranging from industrial videos to high-definition network programming and engaging Internet content. But my expertise extends beyond the camera lens. With a focus on project management and client development, I ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me indulging in my love for the great outdoors – from mountain biking to snowboarding – and exploring new destinations with my loved ones.

The Shows


This project was in collaboration with This Is Home and Northwell Health. Filming in the studio at Video Dimensions along with capturing aerials at various HWH locations .


Having the opportunity to film the rehearsal and 1st night of the RuffRyders tour. such an honor to work with some of the best artists in hip-hop.

Franco Sarto

A captivating short feature shoot with Gionata Pagni in collaboration with Caleres.


Another collaboration with Caleres showcasing the Vince spring line shoe collection.

Ralph Lauren

Filming with Ralph Lauren’s team and TVC Group for NYC Fashion Week. This special event took place at Ralph Lauren’s personal car garage.

Ralph Lauren Car’s

Feast your eyes on these beauty shots that showcase the sheer brilliance of Ralph Lauren’s amazing cars.

Describe the Night

Partnering with Hampstead Theater to create captivating interviews showcasing their exciting upcoming programs.

Dry Powder

Through this collaboration, I have the privilege of filming and presenting exclusive trailers that provide a glimpse into the world of theater 

BAR Video

This was an intriguing photo shoot featuring Sir Ben Ainslie and his BAR team. The project was commissioned by TVC Group and Land Rover. 

Swizz Beatz

Collaborating with TVC and Swizz Beatz for his no-commission campaign. This remarkable project spanned two days of filming on the Arri Alexa with CP2 primes.

Governors Ball

Immerse yourself in Bacardi’s house party experience at the Governors Ball captured on the Sony FS7 with Canon Cine Zoom.

Rachel Platten

Filming with Live Nation on the Maxx You Project. Shot on the C300 Mk2 with Primes.

Shawn Mendes

Filming for Live Nation promoting Shawn’s upcoming gig at MSG

The View 

This PSA was a project shot for MetHodder.

Graham Nash Interviews

Two great stories from Graham Nash about his time with Joni Michell, plus how he listened to the album Harvest for the first time with Neil Young. This was a Two-camera shoot for Dish Networks. Shot on the C300 MKII.

Joni Mitchell Story

Neil Young “More Barn” Story






‘It’s always scary having to film abroad – especially in a big city you don’t know, with a crew you’ve never met. There’s a lot at stake when you’ve flown across the Atlantic to get the content and footage you need for your business. When I first met Adam last year I felt instantly at ease and since that initial shoot, I’ve never looked back. I would never film abroad in NYC without Adam and his crew. The quality is excellent and his temperament is lovely – Adam is very calm under pressure and this is very useful to have when you’re dealing with a few unforeseen circumstances shooting on location!’

Jess Woodward

Marketing Director, Hampstead Theatre

“My go to DP in New York, Adam has a great eye and is always a pleasure to work with”

Luc Edwards

Executive Producer

“I’ve worked with Adam on a large number of productions ranging from corporate business environments to consumer-facing ad work.  He is consistently an invaluable crew member on set, and has a keen eye for light.  He always finds the best shot.”

Mike Marsdale


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